History in the making. The first Palestinian-American member of Congress does not wait for an appointment to tell President Biden in full view of the cameras that “Palestinian human rights are not bargaining chips.”

If anyone wonders why Democrats and Republicans alike repeat the trope that Israel is “defending itself” every single time Israel escalates its daily assault on the Palestinian people, they need only to tune in to NPR morning edition. But the morning of May 19th was unparalleled in its determination to deflect responsibility for the suffering experienced by Palestinians at the hands of Israeli leadership over the past 50 years back onto the victim. The premeditated ambush of Basem Naim, a spokesperson for Hamas, opened with this question from NPR Morning Edition Host Steve Inskeep:

“Why launch hundreds of rockets into…

Barry Kaufman

Physician who is trying not to become grist for the mill of the American health care system. Media analyst for WWBSD.

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